What are five simple tips to use to write a good essay?

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For some, writing an essay can be a complicated, daunting task. It can be difficult figuring out how to turn an abstract idea into tangible paragraphs and pages. But it doesn't have to be. There are strategies you can use to make even the seemingly most difficult essay not only simple, but good. Here are five simple tips you can use to write a good essay.

1. Begin by determining the purpose for writing the essay. Is it to offer a critique of a novel? Take a position on an issue? Or respond to a prompt? Once you figure out what you have to do, write it down, so you know what you're working towards. Most importantly, realize the main reason for writing an essay is to take a position on a topic and prove your point.

2. Create your main idea. Every good essay has a main idea. The main idea is also know as a thesis. The position you take on a topic will become your thesis. For example, if you decide to write about how you do not agree with the death penalty, then you will assert your position and provide your reasons why in your thesis. Place your thesis at the end of the first paragraph.

3. Use your thesis to create an outline for your essay. Creating a quality thesis is important because it will provide the outline for your essay. Typically in your thesis, you will include three reasons for your position. Those three reasons will become the basis of your outline. You will address each respectively in the body of your essay. A simple outline of your essay will be: the introduction; reasons A, B, and C; and the conclusion.

4. Find sources to support your thesis. This is important. As mentioned earlier, the purpose of an essay is to take a position on a topic and prove your point. The sources you include will be your proof. Therefore, incorporating quotes, statistical data, and/or other sources will strengthen your argument, and also give your writing voice authority. Readers will be more inclined to believe what you write when you include the evidence to back it up.

5. Bring it all together. When you make it to the end of your essay, you may feel that you have written all you could write. Or you may be passionate enough about your topic that you feel you could write a lot more. The conclusion is simply a summarization of what you have already written in your essay. No new ideas will be introduced here. You will only reiterate the main idea of your essay and the points you provided to prove your position. Your essay is like a conversation. Having said what needed to be said, you will be bringing your discussion full-circle. You will be bringing your readers back to the original point of your essay, and the discussion to a formal close.

These simple tips can be used each time to write a good essay.

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