Why do people get better results when they ask why write a quality essay instead of how?

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It's common to panic when faced with writing an essay. Suddenly, everything you know about communication and organization sails out the window. "How do I even write a quality essay?" you whimper to your blank computer monitor, realizing that you never really understood what an essay even was or what it was supposed to accomplish.

The beautiful thing about the word "essay" is that it comes from the French infinitive essayer, which means "to try" or "to attempt". See? Writing an essay is about trying to get an idea across, not about perfection. So breathe a sigh of relief and continue on as the news just gets better and better.

What got you into trouble in the first place was your question "How do I write a quality essay?" because that leads to words and phrases such as "hook sentences", "angle", "thesis statement", "reiterate", "transitional", and "expository". Not only do some of these ideas sound dangerous, they are.

Let me ask you this: Can you order food at your local restaurant? I'm guessing your answer is, "Sure I can," and here's why: you know what you want.

Well, the same is true for writing essays. Just as you took a minute at your local burger joint to decide you wanted a double double with medium fries and a chocolate shake, if you take some time to figure out what main point you want to make in essay (I want my readers to buy my product, or, I want my readers to understand the dangers of global warming) then you should naturally know how to write a quality essay. And here's why:

If you are really excited about a movie you just saw and you call your friend to tell him about it, do you stare at the phone for an hour first, nearly in tears because you don't know how to start your introduction? I certainly hope not! No! You dial the phone, wait for your friend to answer, and then you just start talking. That's your introduction!

What about the "body" of the phone call? That's easy! It's made up of all the specific things you liked about the movie that made you want to call your friend in the first place. So, yes, you know how to write an essay with solid body paragraphs. (You know to break to a new paragraph each time you start talking about a new idea.)

People agonize over how to write a conclusion! Can you imagine if every time you had to end a conversation you went into a cold sweat because you couldn't think of how to wrap things up? That just comes naturally! (I'm willing to bet, by the way, that you almost never say "in conclusion" before finishing telling a friend he has to see a certain movie, so WHY would you write it in an essay? It makes the reader suspect some guy with a really stiff spine took your place at the keyboard.)

The ultimate trick to writing a quality essay is in knowing exactly what you want to say, just as the trick to getting exactly what you want at a restaurant is in asking for it. Sometimes when faced with writing an essay you can work it all out in your head, and sometimes you need to write a sloppy draft that you can then go back and revise, and THAT is the best thing of all about essays: the chance to revise, "to try", until you have written something that clearly states your idea.

Now put down that double double and "essayer" to write something really wonderful.

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