What is an Easy Way to Remember how to Write an Essay?

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When most people think of how to write an essay, they rarely think of food. However, if a person would just remember the basics of making a ham sandwich, then they could easily write a very coherent essay. Yes, this may sound corny, but if a student is having difficulty writing an essay, then they need an easy way to remember how to get all of the essential components together. By thinking of a ham sandwich and all of the ingredients that make one up, a person can easily compose a well written essay that stays true to the thesis.

The first piece of a sandwich that is essential to keeping it all together is the bread. The top piece of bread equals the introduction of an essay. One has to remember that inside their introduction can be found a hook and a thesis. The hook will get the reader interested, and the thesis will be the main idea of the entire essay. On the top piece of bread, one will spread mayo or mustard. However, if they put too much on, the sandwich will get extremely messy. Just as in an introduction, a person does not want it to be too much in depth. A little will go a long way.

After the bread is lathered with a chosen condiment, next comes the good stuff. In a sandwich, this would be the cheese, meat, lettuce, pickle, tomato, or whatever a person cares to eat. This of course is the main part of the sandwich. In an essay, the good stuff would be the body. Here a person can find all the essential details that will support the thesis and keep the reader interested. In most cases just like a good sandwich, the more you have on it, the better it will be.

In addition to the top piece of bread, a good completed sandwich has a bottom piece. This in an essay represents the conclusion. Often times writers lose it here. They get sloppy and forget what it is that makes a good conclusion. In a sandwich, most would lather their condiment on again. Since this is a representation of our thesis, a good essay needs to restate the thesis and leave a lasting impression. One has to remember, that without the bottom piece of bread, a sandwich is not complete and neither is an essay.

Hence, when one thinks of how to write an essay, they should always remember how they make a good sandwich. By having all the components in the right order, a person can easily write a great essay. It is just like a sandwich. One would never put the bread in the middle and the lettuce on bottom with ham on top. You always make a sandwich the same way. You may add different items to it, but basically it is the same every time. This is also true for an essay. Students think that there is some magic involved with writing. The truth is, all a person has to do is know how to eat well.

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