What Student Writing Prompt Can I Use?

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Student writing prompt 1: Using the following writing prompt, write at least 600 words using vivid details and clear language to express a very interesting excuse through creative writing.

At some point this semester you have at least been tempted to send me an e-mail explaining why you had to miss class, were absent for a test, turned in a paper late, etc. I have grown used to fielding these excuse e-mails, but what crawls up my nose is how many of them are not merely badly written, but show no imagination. Write me a really good, imaginative excuse for not doing something your syllabus very clearly explains you have to do. Remember the 600-word minimum.

Student writing prompt 2: Using one of the following writing prompts, write at least 600 words using vivid details and clear language.

Write a narrative (a story) about a trip from Nankipoo, Tennessee, to Bald Knob, Arkansas, using at least seven of the following words or phrases:

albino          nostril hair          scabies

pygmy     Reagan          Marx/Marxism

jazz          pumpernickel          incontinent

bulbous     septic               rotel dip

Student writing prompt 3: The following is a real scholarship. Write a rough outline of the key events of your evening at the prom to use for your application:

Everyone says that prom is one of the most memorable times in high school. Why not make it a profitable time as well? The Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck on Prom Contest offers $6,000 in the form of a scholarship to the winning couple that makes their prom outfits out of duct tape. Persons who wish to enter are given a large selection of tape to use.

Student writing prompt 4: On the paper provided by your instructor, write an essay in which you reflect on one of the following topics:

1.     A particular song that holds meaning for you

2.     A particular object that holds meaning for you (toy, photograph, jewelry, etc.)

3.     A particular object that causes you to ponder about something (similar to the examples in the text)

4.     A particular place that holds meaning for you

5.     The year 2039—where will you be and what will you be doing (What has changed since 2024?)

6.     Another creative option approved one week in advance by me

The essay should center around your opinion, attitudes, and/or beliefs on the specific topic you have chosen and should be supported with anecdotal evidence.

1.     Begin the essay with an anecdote (the first time you heard the song, a description of the object, the first time you visited the place, etc.)

2.     End the anecdote with a thesis statement that indicates the focus of your reflection

3.     The body of your essay should be organized around a strategy that makes sense for your topic and allows your reader to follow the development of your thoughts concerning the topic

Student writing prompt 5: What are we going to do about that big, hideous building in town? (every town has one)

Students choose three good options and three bad options, explaining why they feel this way about each.

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