Why is a strong thesis statement so important for a good introduction paragraph?

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There are five basic component parts for students assigned to write an effective English language essay. The most important part of an essay is a strong thesis statement. Paragraphs come next and each paragraph has its own unique place and purpose in the work. Writers need to understand these purposes before proceeding with their essay.

The introduction paragraph is the most important of the five and the thesis statement is an integral part of this paragraph. Following the introduction comes three body paragraphs and then a conclusion. Body paragraphs should be written in the order of their strength of argument. The first body paragraph is the writer's best argument, the second paragraph becomes the second strongest argument and the third paragraph is the third in the series. The conclusion is also an important part of the work, but it also give the writer the most options on how to proceed . There are many schools-of-thought on how to write a good conclusion, but, at the very least, it should bring the essay to a logical end.

Although all paragraphs in an academic essay are important, the introduction paragraph is the most important component part and should have an effective thesis statement that drives the essay and an eye-catching hook to draw in the reader.

The thesis statement is king. It drives the essay. Think of the thesis statement like a snapshot of the entire work, or as a brief synopsis of what is to come. It should include the individual topics of each body paragraph. In an academic essay, it should answer the essay's prompt and then detail the content of the argument. Thesis statements should have structure. It should avoid ambiguity. It is a direct, focused statement that tells the reader exactly how the essay's argument will be presented. A strong thesis statement could be drawn from the topic sentences of each body paragraph, but cannot be repetitious. It has been said that if the thesis statement is strong, reading the essay is unnecessary because the reader already will know what the essay is about.

The hook of the introduction paragraph is much like a headline of a news story which serves to entice the reader to read this story. The hook should catch the readers eye. It should be impactful and maybe even controversial. Nothing will draw a reader into a story more than a solid hook. This method requires a lot of thought on the part of the writer. It must relate to the overall message of the essay and can be an extreme example, or worse-case scenario involving the work's message. As an example, a good hook written for an essay about the current economic crisis could be "Many Americans will be living under freeway off ramps in the near future if something isn't done about the jobless rate and economic downturn soon." An effective hook will bring the readers in.

The importance of a strong introduction in an academic essay cannot be discounted. Many times professors who grade essays have multiple pieces to read and evaluate. If a student writes a well-developed introduction paragraph that includes a great hook and strong thesis statement, the professor may not go any further. This is why writing a strong introduction paragraph is so important.

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